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 KODi English-Finnish Dictionary

 Dictionary 3.1.2 (English-Chinese).jar  Easton Bible Dictionary.jar  KODi English-Croatian Dictionary.jar   KODi English-Finnish Dictionary.jar   KODi English-Norwegian Dictionary.jar   KODi English-Swahili Dictionary.jar   Kodi English-German Dictionary.jar  Sun Bundle Dictionary.jar  Tradutor Eng-pt-br (Portuguese-English Translator).jar  Advanced English Dictionary 3.0.jar  Dictionary Of Expressions English-French.jar   English - Hindi Dictionary V2.0.1.jar  KODi English-Czech Dictionary.jar  KODi English-Hiligaynon Dictionary.jar   KODi English-Polish Dictionary.jar   KODi English-Tagalog Dictionary.jar  Kodi English-Spanish Dictionary.jar   Sun English-Italian Dictionary.jar   Urdu Dictionary V1.5.1.jar  Bangla Dictionary.jar   Dictionary V2.2.jar  English Dictionary.jar   KODi English-Dutch Dictionary.jar   KODi English-Italian Dictionary.jar   KODi English-Russian Dictionary.jar
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